Explore the Power of Kelp

Kelp products, when used regularly, can help promote sustainable wellness for our body, plants and our pets.

  • Elevate Your Skincare Ritual

    Drawing on the timeless tradition of utilizing Kelp for its health and beauty benefits, our formulations excel as a rich source of essential antioxidants and nutrients. Regular use of our Kelp-based products reveals the key to maintaining soft, healthy skin and addressing concerns like hair loss.

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  • Pamper and Protect Your Pets

    Regular application of Kelp contributes to the maintenance of your pet's overall health. Our specially formulated topical spray is designed for easy use on pet fur and skin. Soothe and prevent dryness in areas like paws, snouts, elbows, and ears with our Kelp-infused solution.

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  • Revitalize Your House Plants

    Packed with over 65 bioavailable nutrients, Kelp extract offers a complete profile that enhances plant health and enriches soil quality. Our natural plant food, a topical kelp foliar spray, seamlessly integrates into your current plant care routine.

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What Is Kelp?

Kelp, known as Oarweed or Laminaria Digitata, has been harvested by humans for thousands of years. It is highly valued worldwide for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Additionally, kelp is naturally moisturizing and soothing, as well as an abundant source of calcium, magnesium, iron, and organic iodine.

What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

  • Rachel Jones

    "I use the all natural full body spray and love it! I have extremely sensitive skin but product is amazing! When I got it, my face had been breaking out for a while and within a week of using it, my face cleared up completely. It leaves my face smooth and feeling clean. Highly recommend for anyone who struggles with acne, sensitive skin, or just looking for something to keep your skin fresh."

  • Tamara Steele

    "I’ve been using the Full Body Spray on my hair for about a month now and I absolutely love it! I’m trying to grow my hair out and it is getting softer and feels and looks healthier already - without the residue that some other products leave behind so I can use it every day. Thanks Scotia Kelp!!"

  • Timothy Thompson

    "I was first introduced to Scotia Kelp several years ago. I am a 65 year old (still working) that is and always was somewhat clumsy. I get a lot of nicks, bumps and bruises in my daily work routine. The nature of the work. I find that with a few treatments a day of "Ocean Spray Essence" body mist I heal 25/35% faster with minimal scarring. I now use it daily to reduce wrinkling and maintain skin tone. Nobody believes I am actually 65."