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Scotia kelp products

Lumnikure - Leave-in Hair Conditioner and Detangler

Lumnikure - Leave-in Hair Conditioner and Detangler

Kelp contains many of the essential nutrients needed to improve and maintain healthy hair and scalp. Often our hair quickly responds to the negative impacts of deficiencies or illness and kelp is rich with vitamins and minerals that are key elements necessary to help restore those locks back to health. 

When used regularly, Kelp can help:

  • Improve Hair Health

- Kelp helps to moisturize hair and scalp, increasing luster, body, and softness while decreasing static and fly-aways. 

- Kelp helps maintain the PH balance of your hair, and decreases the development of dandruff.

  • Encourage Hair Growth

- Kelp contains many of the essential nutrients for hair growth. It's high in iodine and a great source of iron, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins including A, B1, B2, C, D, and E.

  • Strengthens Hair

- Kelp contains high amounts of l-lysine, an amino acid that is needed for collagen synthesis. Collagen is a protein that strengthens the hair shaft and prevents breakage.

  • Maintain Hair Color

- A vitamin B9 —also called folic acid or folate— deficiency is associated with premature graying. B9 is important for producing methionine, an amino acid that's essential for hair color.

Comes unscented

* We do not make medical claims about the benefits of our products. The information provided is for educational purposes only. If you have medical questions or concerns please contact your doctor or health care provider.

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