Our story

Behind the creation of Scotia Kelp Products

Scotia Kelp Products, a Canadian company located in Nova Scotia, was founded in 2015 by Darron Hill. From early childhood Darron struggled with eczema, psoriasis and sun sensitivity. He spent his childhood and adolescence in pain and discomfort. In his teens, Darron's condition worsened to the point where he was hospitalized for an 18-day body cast procedure to grow new skin. With continual medical treatment, Darron was able to get back to living but was still afflicted with daily symptoms. All of these health issues started to fade away while Darron was working with kelp in the agriculture industry. As he continued to work with kelp in various ways such as harvesting and processing, his skin condition had noticeably improved and he also noticed his sensitivity to the sun greatly reduced. Darron’s amazing results sparked his passion to share the many benefits of kelp for skin, especially with people experiencing similar health ailments and challenges.

What we do

Here at Scotia Kelp Products we sustainably harvest, process and create natural Personal, pet and plant care products derived from sea algae. We believe in harvesting our products without disturbing natural marine habitats or harming the environment. Helping to reduce our carbon footprint.