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Scotia kelp products

Grow - House Plant and Garden Food

Grow - House Plant and Garden Food

Our plant food promotes healthier, more productive and hardier plants. Liquid kelp extract targets the soil as well as the plant from root to leaf tip leading to a more vibrant plant. 


When used regularly, Kelp can help:

  • Increase Nutrient Uptake

-Kelp extract allows plants to easily absorb kelp nutrients right through the leaves. This can help to quickly restore nutrients to plants in poor health.

  • Reduce Transplant Shock
-Providing transplanted seedlings with a nutrient-rich plant food like kelp helps to speed up plant establishment.
  • Improve Soil Health 
-Kelp feeds productive soil microbiology which leads to a richer growing environment.
  • Encourage Root Tip Establishment 
-Frequent application of kelp extract spray enables plants to absorb more nutrients, which in turn results in a healthier and more vibrant plant.
  • Improves Tolerance to Environmental Stresses
-Regular use of kelp nourishes your plants and helps them become more resilient and tolerant of stress. Examples include drought, salinity, temperature changes, pest pressures, and disease.
  • Increase Flower/Fruit Production
-Spraying your flowering plants regularly can increase flower/fruit production. Spraying flowering plants before cutting can help cut flowers stay fresh longer.
  • Extend Shelf Life

-When treated with kelp extract pre-harvest, fruits and vegetables are less prone to softening and bruising.


    * The information provided is for educational purposes only.

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    What will GROW do for my plants?

    GROW offers significant benefits to both plants and soil. It acts as a potent fertilizer, enhancing soil health. Moreover, GROW improves soil structure, aiding in water retention and nutrient absorption. Overall, the use of GROW kelp extract contributes to healthier plants, improved soil quality, and sustainable plant and garden practices.